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CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
Ukulele Tabs & Songsheets
Welcome to the Ukulele Tabs & Songsheets page. Here are PDFs (some with accompanying videos) to download - free - to anyone who's interested. 

Unless they get removed, that is! That's right, there's always a possibility that a few rights owners may object, claiming copyright infringement, even though I'm not charging. Some publishers and artists are in favour of the democratic free-for-all of the internet, some aren't. Others, including me, shrug their shoulders and say, "Oh well, this is the reality of the music business in the 21st century."

SO, a plea to fellow copyright owners: please be nice and let my ukulele chums have a little harmless fun with my arrangements of your tunes as well as mine. I always credit the writers and I'm not making any money from it. However if you do decide to object to a particular item I will remove it.

(E) Easy, (I) Intermediate, (A) Advanced

Seasonal favourites:

Clive Harvey on Last Minute Musicians